Newsletter Archive

Newsletters were discontinued after the Sept 2013 issue, replaced with our Fruit Talk email listserve / online forum and our past events blog.

September Newsletter 2013
(with info on fruit flies problem and resources)

July Newsletter 2013
(with bark grafting and Wolfskill info)

April Newsletter 2013
(with apple tree variety selection info)

January Newsletter 2013
(with apple and pear tasting event results)

October Newsletter 2012
(with info on mulberry varieties, biodynamic farming)

July Newsletter 2012
(with info on girdling trees and saving tomato seeds, FOF)

January Newsletter 2012
(with info on pomegranates)

 October Newsletter 2011
(includes info on fig drying)

July Newsletter 2011
(includes Harmony Farms discount info, annual meeting minutes)

April Newsletter 2011
(with  grafting information)

January Newsletter 2011
(with apple-tasting competition results)

October Newsletter 2010
(with content on Orchard Mason Bees)

July Newsletter 2010 
(with Wolfskill mulberries and cherries, Euro grapevine moth)

January Newsletter 2010
(with the Library index)

August Newsletter 2009
(with Wolfskill pomegranate info)

June Newsletter 2009
(with GREAT grafting tips)

January Newsletter 2009
(with Mary’s hit persimmon and avocado recipe)

October Newsletter 2008
(Wolfskill grapes and fig info, dried persimmons, clafouti)

May Newsletter 2008
(apple, grape and pomegranate tasting results)

November Newsletter 2007
(info on figs, Hawaii)

July Newsletter 2007
(info on citrus)

April Newsletter 2007
(with info on growing mushrooms at home)

January Newsletter 2007
(info on growing bananas, apple tasting results)

October Newsletter2006 
(info on seed and hardwood plant propagation, banans, pitayas)

April Newsletter 2006
(info on fava greens, review of book Cornucopia II)

January Newsletter 2006

October Newsletter 2005
(info on jujubes)

July Newsletter 2005
(fruitophile’s visit to Hawaii)