Summer Plant Sale

IMG_0934Every July, we host our annual Summer Plant Sale Fund Raiser open to the public.

Each winter, CRFG members get together to graft trees of interesting varieties of apples, pears, cherries and plums. We grow them out in 2-5 gallon containers and offer them for sale in July at low prices, ready to be planted out or potted up into larger containers. In addition, members bring in an astounding variety of other rare and unusual fruiting plants for sale.

Our goal is to offer trees not easily available commercially — especially rare and heirloom varieties with a local history. Proceeds raised from sale of our trees are used for worthy causes like grants, scholarships and helping to rescue other rare fruit trees.

The date and location for the plant sale is announced each year in the late spring. Check our upcoming events page for more information.

Featured Varieties

Below, you’ll find a sampling of some of the varieties that we have offered at past plant sales.

Fort Ross Gravenstein Apple
Created from genetic material originally rescued from the very last tree at the orchard of the Russian colonists at the Fort Ross colony north of Bodega Bay 1812-1841. The Gravenstein apple is the iconic apple of Sebastopol, an early and exceptionally tasty apple good for eating out of hand and making fragrant pies and sauces. Ripens in late July/early August. Pollenizer required, will not pollenize other apples. Early bloom. More info on our unique Gravenstein varieties.

Rosebrook Gravenstein Apple
This gravenstein variety was developed in Sebastopol by Harry Rosebrook, a local grower and cider maker. This variety is famed for its especially pretty yellow-green fruits with prominent red stripes. Ripens in late July/early August. Pollenizer required, will not pollenize other apples. Early bloom, but somewhat later than other Gravenstein varieties.

Hawaii Apple
Introduced in 1945 by Sebastopol’s own William Silva from a cross of Gravenstein and Golden Delicious. This large yellow apple with reddish stripes is exceptionally sweet with a hint of pineapple flavor. Ripens in September. Requires a pollenizer.

Albert Etter Apples
In the early 1900s, Albert Etter created a number of amazing apple varieties on his ranch at Ettersburg, in remote Humboldt County, California. We are please to offer a number of these special and hard to find apples (listed below).

Etter’s Gold
Albert Etter’s first apple selection – a large yellow apple with a robust, aromatic taste. This heavy-bearing variety ripens over a long period beginning in October and is good for fresh eating, cooking, and cider; stores well. Pollenizer required.

Pink Pearl
Possibly the best of Albert Etter’s many pink-fleshed apples, and the most well-known of his varieties. Pink Pearl is a beautiful translucent creamy yellow with a pink blush and pink flesh inside. Crisp with a tart finish. Great for tasty pink apple sauce and pies. Ripens in August. Pollenizer required. Early bloom.

Wickson Crab
This beautiful Albert Etter introduction packs an amazing amount of flavor into a very small apple. Developed from two obscure crab apples varieties, Wickson is famous for a richly flavored cider, and is equally delicious eaten out of hand. Extremely sweet with a balancing acidity makes a sublime taste. Ripens in September. Pollenizer required. Early/Mid bloom.

Albert Etter’s personal favorite, named after his wife but never officially released. This large, aromatic apple has a yellow-green skin with a pretty red-orange blush. Ripens in October-November. Pollenizer required.

The above are just a representation of the many and changing varieties available each year! 

Members can buy trees in advance (even now) by contacting David at 707-824-1650, or Keith at 707-576-7250; another reason good reason to join us!