Quarantine Zones Special Note:
Please be sure to bring only clean, pest-free scions to the Exchange; paying particular attention to any live, potted or green-wood donations. 

Our club area includes some area within the Light Brown Apple Moth Quarantine zone; but dormant, clean scions are exempt from the quarantine. 
Details here

And now we have to deal with another quarantine, the European Grape Vine Moth Quarantine – which impacts many fruit beside grapes; just like the Sharpshooter does (note in particular that apples are not included). 

And a new pest in town that our members are encountering that lays maggots into ripe cherries, berries and some stone-fruit : Spotted Wing Drosophila. Experts say SWD can be controlled with malathion (non organic) or Spinosad (organic) see UC Davis