March 10, 2019: Fruit Tree Grafting and Potting Party

We held our annual fruit tree grafting and potting party in the barn at the impressive orchard and gardens of member Keith Borglum.

A couple dozen members rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to create over 200 fruit trees to be sold at our summer fruit tree sale and fund raiser. All of our profits from this event go to fruit-related scholarships and worthy causes.

Experiences grafters grafted heirloom scions to rootstocks, and other members pitched in potting the new trees and otherwise helping out.

A successful group effort resulted in over 200 rootstocks grafted for sale at our summer event. Trees created include heirloom apples, pears, peaches and plums. Thanks to Keith Borglum for hosting, TLC for the potted trees, and pictures; thanks to David Ulmer for sourcing the rootstocks, Bob McCarville for transportation and to all who grafted, potted, and otherwise contributed to this great team effort.

At this members-only event, attendees were also able to tour the 240-variety orchard and get great information from one of the masters including a variety of planting, pruning, greenhouse, irrigation, espalier & grafting techniques.

[Photos by Keith Borglum]:
(Click any image for photo and slideshow.)

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