October 4, 2015: Apple Tasting

A great crowd assembled at the Ace in the Hole cider pub for CRFG Redwood’s annual apple tasting.

We tasted 52 apples, 16 European pears and 5 Asian pears from 13 states and 10 countries. Remember that on any given day, the results will differ due to several factors such as fruit maturity and growing conditions. As many of you know, the top tasters vary widely from year to year. The top apple this year, Liberty, ranked near the bottom of the list last year.

Thanks to David Ulmer for organizing and emceeing, Ace Cider for hosting, and everybody who donated fruit and helped out. Thanks to Keith Borglum and John Valenzuela for photos.

Click the links below to download copies of the final results.

CRFG Apple Tasting Results 2015

CRFG Pear Tasting Results 2015

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